Jr. Spinners


U13 Navy 2015 Jr. Spinners Team

About The Lowell Jr. Spinners

Formerly The New England Diamond Dawgs., the Lowell Jr. Spinners Baseball Club is an elite travel and tournament baseball club. Our club plays a complete EBL (Elite Baseball League) season schedule as well as participates in baseball Tournaments throughout New England and the Northeast.

The Lowell Jr. Spinners Baseball Club was founded in 2002 by Marc Deschenes to offer the opportunity for winter training in the off-season and a full schedule of tournament baseball play.

Our baseball club is approaching its 2018 season. Our program features professional instructors who are dedicated to fostering and promoting the development of individual players in a competitive baseball environment.

Our program is performance based and a 10U, 11U Red, 11U Navy, 12U Red, 12U Navy, 13U Scout, 13U Prospect, 14U Scout, 14U Prospect, 14U Futures, 14U Elite, 15U Scout, 15U Prospect, 16U Scout, 16U Prospect, Prospect and Showcase team will be selected each year in tryouts for roster positions to play in the following season.